Virtual servers for business optimization

Virtual servers for business optimization

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Online stores, information portals and company websites increase their traffic and functionality over time by connecting various web applications including CRM, 1C, billing systems and document management systems. Therefore, the issues of speed of access to the site and its security become paramount. With the expansion of business grows there is a strong need to manage information and its storage. Under these circumstances, a standard hosting, tied to the capabilities of the operator, cannot not always handle a constantly growing data load. Then the entrepreneur comes to the rescue in the form of virtual servers VPS/VDS (Virtual Private Server / Virtual Dedicated Server, which is essentially the same thing).

Virtual Server as an Alternative to Hosting 

A growing number of website owners and webmasters are turning to virtual servers as a cost-effective alternative to conventional hosting and expensive dedicated physical servers. Which are necessary when higher capacities are needed. Unlike dedicated server hosting, which is limited by fixed server resources such as disk space, memory, and processor time. Renting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is only limited by disk space. The choice of additional services is entirely up to the customer. Furthermore, with a VPS, you can install any operating system, as opposed to shared hosting.

How does the virtual server work?

Each VPS user gets administrative access or root rights depending on the operating system. You can install any software, use several databases and configure the service functions for a specific project. Each virtual server works independently and does not rely on neighboring servers on the same machine. Which means there is no resource redistribution. As a result, the user gets a system that works quickly and stably and has an autonomous management.

VPS for business - removing all restrictions

Virtual server by its functionality is no different from the physical server and provides full-fledged operation of the company. Only information is stored not within the infrastructure, but in external data centers. This costs the business owner several times cheaper than the physical machine. In addition, the data center has already formed a single infrastructure. This provides a reliable system of protection against internal and external security threats and fault tolerance of servers.

VPS allows you to combine projects on a single server and set up a convenient management system for your tasks without any technical constraints. You can connect an unlimited number of domains, sites and email accounts. In this case, some plans for choosing pre-build dedicated servers have no limits on traffic.

Plus with the help of a virtual server you can organize your own VPN or set up a private cloud.

Who is suitable for virtual server rental?

The audience of virtual server rental services is quite extensive. Among the key users of these solutions are:

  • Owners of e-commerce projects with high traffic and acceptance of payments through the site.
  • Owners of several virtual projects that need to be combined. VPS helps to combine them on one server without restrictions from providers.
  • Startups and urgent projects which don't require organization of fundamental infrastructure.
  • Territorially-distributed companies with a single remote control center. Renting a virtual server, you get all the features of a physical machine. Without the large investments in infrastructure and a high level of protection against external attacks.