About Us

About Us

Welcome to INTROSERV

INTROSERV is a Slovenian-based global hosting company founded in 2013 to provide fully-fledged datacentre services with an international presence in Europe, USA and Asia.

We offer virtual private and dedicated servers in top global locations, VPS and High Compute Bare-Metal Servers with Free Server Management. Our heavy-computing high-bandwidth bare-metal servers are fast provisioned, competitively priced, and seamlessly managed

Our main specializations are Dedicated Bare Metal Servers and VPS. We also provide storage solutions and system administration.

We offer high-quality, flexible, affordable dedicated servers and VPS with full cloud automation and hardware-level control. Our dedicated and virtual private servers are fully customized. In addition, our pre-built dedicated servers are automatically configured from the ground up and are managed through a client portal or API.

Custom-Friendly Hosting Solution

Our customer base includes customers from around the world who need VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud storage. We give servers on a fixed-period basis only.

With us, you can manage all your servers in one place, choose pre-built dedicated servers or customize your server hardware. You can also choose from various CPUs capable of handling various workloads and applications.

As part of our pre-built dedicated server offerings, we prepare and provision them automatically from the ground up. You can automate server management and save money by managing your expenses with hourly billing or ordering fixed-term services.

Our well-trained data center technicians are available 24/7 by chat and email.

Our security management system keeps your data safe and secure, and your IT systems are always available.

Our Staff

Our staff are highly skilled in handling high-tech problems. As highly experienced professionals, they use their experience and knowledge gained from years of working in the server industry to provide support and fast solutions based on your requirements.

The company's best results are achieved through working together as a team. Embracing diversity, valuing different personalities, and respecting contrasting opinions helped us to create an environment that fosters cooperative and team-oriented behaviour.

From a suitable server option based on your requirements to solving any problem, our consultants are always available to support you. We will analyze your needs and requirements to determine the best server configuration that suits your business needs.

With 12 years in business, we've provisioned over 15,000 dedicated servers and are committed to offering the best value in hosting. The benefits of hosting your IT infrastructure at INTROSERV go far beyond just saving money. The server options we suggest are lightweight, heavyweight, and middleweight.

A Team You Can Trust

We've been providing the best value in dedicated servers since 2013. We started as a systems integration company, later expanding our specialization to servers and cloud systems rental services.

Our main advantage is a thorough knowledge of the market and technology of the services provided. As a system integration company, we were once buyers of the services we sell today. Having faced a typical set of consumer problems from personal experience, the company's specialists had to study the issue from scratch, ultimately leading to the choice of a new vector of development.

Having sorted out the niche, invited specialists, studied the entire technological chain, worked out the problems, found the best data centers in the world, etc., we were able to set up uninterrupted operation and high-quality customer service to start selling services professionally without the typical costs typical for the hosting market …

Now, no matter what your server needs are, you can trust INTOSERV to deliver a world-class experience.

Take your business to the next level

Whether you're an experienced server administrator, developer, coder or a business owner or hobbyist; we offer dedicated, cloud, and virtual private servers

Get expert support when you need it

We can be an extension of your IT team or you can manage your server yourself. With our industry-leading Service Level Agreement and 100% uptime guarantee, we can deliver stellar service. INTROSERV provides industry-leading support and customer service 24/7.

Get Your Power & Affordability with the right Pricing

With our top-quality, feature-rich products, we offer our customers the right hardware, service, and support at a price that is business-friendly.


Data security and server security are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we offer multiple security solutions.

  • Hardware RAID Configurations
  • Various firewall options
  • PCI Compliant Facility Security


  • A fault-tolerant Internet connection with multiple providers at speeds of at least 10Gbit/s per provider
  • 24x7 responsive customer support via e-mail, chat, phone, and ticketing

Our Highlights

  • Instant Setup
  • Robust Reboot & Reinstall Panel
  • Different Payment options (Via PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank & Credit Card)
  • Multiple Global Locations
  • Latest CPUs models
  • Server Management Included
  • 100% Network Uptime Guaranteed
  • Enterprise Grade 24/7 Support
  • Omni-Channel Support

Best price performance for your Dedicated Server hosting

We offer high-performance Dedicated Servers that will help you grow your business. Through our service, you can configure your server to meet your specific resource needs, such as RAM, disk space, and bandwidth.

You can also take advantage of flexible monthly contracts by upgrading or scaling up your server model.

Custom Dedicated Servers

For workloads that require maximum performance, pre-built instances are not always enough. With us, you can build Dedicated Servers in just a few clicks, with custom components.

  • Variety of Platforms. Our server platforms are available with single, dual, and quad-core CPUs
  • Custom-built Servers. GPU accelerators, RAM options, and 20 storage disks are available to your server hardware online
  • Hardware Level Control. IP KVM console allows you to access the dedicated server hardware remotely

Our Extraordinary Features

  • Same-Day Setup
  • Enterprise Support
  • Customisable Hardware
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • World Class Security
  • High-Availability Worldwide
  • Transparent & Fixed Costs
  • Managed Services