About Us

INTROSERV has been working in the field of IT technologies since 2013. We started as a systems integration company, later expanding our specialization to services related to the rental of servers and cloud systems. Today we work directly with leading companies in Europe, the USA and Asia, offering full-fledged data center services.

Our main advantage is a thorough knowledge of the market and technology of the services provided. Initially, as a system integration company, we were buyers of the services we sell today. Having faced a typical set of consumer problems from personal experience, the company's specialists had to study the issue from scratch, which ultimately led to the choice of a new vector of development.

Having sorted out the niche, invited specialists, studied the entire technological chain, worked out the problems, found the best data centers in the world, etc., we were able to set up uninterrupted operation and high-quality customer service in order to start selling services professionally without the typical costs typical for the hosting market ...

Our clients receive:

All conditions for obtaining a full range of services that do not require special knowledge.

Five values ​​we follow:

  1. The ability to completely close the issue of finding a solution for each client. We have all the necessary resources.
  2. Fast assembly of the solution in both cases:
    1. there is a ready-made set of technical requirements;
    2. you need to choose a standard configuration for the task.
  3. Selection of non-standard configurations by the company's specialists. Today there are no solutions that cannot be implemented (if it is technically possible in principle).
  4. Continuous support in Russian. Timely response through convenient communication channels: site chat, instant messengers, mail, etc.
  5. Convenient means of payment: bank card, digital money, internet banking.

What problems you will NOT face:

  • Hidden payments
  • Lack of adequate technical support
  • Impossibility of individual selection

The technical resource that we have at our disposal:

Certified data centers are located in: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore. All data centers are under the physical and legal protection of these countries.
In addition to the classic package of services and a choice from a huge number of configurations, you get the opportunity to directly manage the server and install your own software.

Guarantees without seeking excuses:

Any tariff includes a full list of guarantees for equipment, technical parameters, maintenance and other services provided.
To make our cooperation as effective and comfortable as possible, INTROSERV is ready to answer your question right now: an answer in chat or messenger.