1. Option 1
  2. Option 2

VMware ESXi does not see the system drive after installation

Option 1

1. Select a disk that is not visible when creating storages. And select Edit partitions 

2. Select vmware partition, delete and save

Option 2

If option 1 did not help, then you have to do as described below

1. Get a list of volumes discovered as snapshots or replicas using the following command:

vicfg-volume [connection_options] --list

2. Mount the volume by force using the following commnd

vicfg-volume [connection_options] --persistent-mount VMFSDatastoreUUID

[root@ns3172824:~] esxcfg-volume -l
Scanning for VMFS-3/VMFS-5 host activity (512 bytes/HB, 2048 HBs).
VMFS UUID/label: 5f5b217c-2b53d2b8-d1a4-ac1f6be04cea/datastore1
Can mount: Yes
Can resignature: Yes
Extent name: t10.NVMe____WDC_CL_SN720_SDAQNTW2D512G2D2000__________6642EA468B441B00:3 range: 0 - 480767 (MB)

[root@ns3172824:~] esxcfg-volume -M 5f5b217c-2b53d2b8-d1a4-ac1f6be04cea
Persistently mounting volume 5f5b217c-2b53d2b8-d1a4-ac1f6be04cea