Outline VPN - VPN server resistant to blocking

About the product

Outline VPN is a development by the Jigsaw team, which is a division of Google. They specialize in Internet security technologies taking into account modern threats.

The product is positioned as a blocking-resistant VPN server. Consists of server and client parts. The Shadowsocks protocol allows this server to maintain server availability for clients when the OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols are blocked at the provider level, which has taken care of installing additional traffic filtering equipment. The service can be easily deployed on a VPS or dedicated server. It is not demanding on system resources, and therefore can be installed on budget VPS. Introserv offers a wide range of VPS with different Linux distributions.

Other benefits:

  • Can be installed with just a single command
  • Multi-platform client (Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS, Android)
  • Multi-platform server manager with a convenient graphical interface
  • High speed of operation
  • Supports all popular Linux distributions
  • The server manager and client support multiple languages

    Outline VPN installation

    1. Download the Outline VPN server manager from the official website, install it and launch it. Go to the Advanced section (Set up Outline anywhere) and click Set Up.

    2. Copy the installation command suggested in the Manager

    3. Connect to your server via SSH, for example using Putty. Paste the copied command into the server console and press Enter.

    If you receive an error message that wget is not installed on the server, install it using the command sudo yum install wget, sudo apt install wget, sudo dnf install wget depending on the installed distribution.

    4. Since the Outline server runs as a container, you will be prompted to install Docker, press "Y" and wait for installation.

    5. After installation is complete (no more than 2-3 minutes), you need to copy the key to connect the server to the manager (you need to copy it along with the curly braces)

    Please note that you need to make sure that ports 41966 and 14133 are open in the server firewall (by default on freshly installed Linux OS the firewall is disabled, which means these ports are open)

    6. Open Outline Server Manager and in the second step add the copied key

    The server should connect. And you will see the connected instance like this:

    7. Add keys with which you can connect Outline VPN clients. Click + Add new key

    You can rename the key, set limits (it can be done later)

    8. To copy the key that is needed to connect the Outline client, click the "Share" button

    Copy the access key as in the screenshot and then "Done" button

    9. Download the client part from the Outline VPN website and install it on the device from which you plan to connect to the VPN server (we remind you that the client is multi-platform and is available for both desktop and mobile operating systems). Open the application and click "+" Add server. In the key field, paste the code copied in step #8 and click the "Add server" button

    10. Connect to your VPN server

    Important! You can add multiple servers to the Server Manager and the client application. This is convenient when you want to use servers in several locations. Let us remind you that Introserv provides VPS in 8 locations, including Australia, the USA and Canada.