1. Axel
  2. Aria2

Multi-threaded file download for Linux


It is a download utility that improves the download process by using multiple connections for a single file.
According to the developers, Axel can increase the speed of your downloads by 60% and supports the protocols: HTTP/HTTPS, FTP and FTPS.



apt install axel


yum install epel-release && yum install axel


dnf install axel

To perform a simple load using Axel, you can use the following command:


The -a option is used for an alternative progress bar:

axel -a

You can set the maximum download speed with the corresponding option -max-speed or short -s. The value is set in bytes per second.

axel --max-speed=512000

To save the file under a different name, you can use the -o option to specify the file name:

axel -o gigabyte.test

Specify the maximum number of connections using the appropriate -n option :

axel -n 10


This is a utility for downloading files. Supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink.
To upload a file, Aria2 can use different sources/protocols and tries to use the bandwidth as much as possible.



apt install aria2


yum install aria2


dnf install aria2

To perform a simple boot with Aria2, you can use the following command:


Uploading a file from 2 different HTTP servers:

aria2c "" ""

Downloading a file simultaneously from an HTTP server and an FTP server :

aria2c --ftp-user=<USER> --ftp-passwd=<PASSWD> "<a href="ftp://" class="redactor-autoparser-object">ftp://<FTPSERVER/IP>/<...;" ""

Downloading a file from one host, using 2 connections:

aria2c -x2 -k1M ""

You can specify the number of concurrent downloads with option -j :

aria2c -j2

Downloading a file from an FTP server :

aria2c --ftp-user=<USER> --ftp-passwd=<PASSWD> "ftp://<FTPSERVER/IP>/<FILE>"