ISPmanager creating an SSL certificate Let's Encrypt

The easiest method is to create a free Let's Encrypt certificate.  To do this, you first need to install this module for the panel.

  • Go to "Integration - Modules" and find Let's Encrypt in the list of available modules

After the module is installed, you can start creating a certificate. To do this, go to "Web-server settings - SSL certificates" and click on the Let's Encrypt button that appears on the screen. 

  • In the window that appears, you can leave all the default parameters, they are as follows:

  • - Enable SSL - enables SSL for the domain after creating the certificate
  • - Wildcard SSL-certificate - creates a certificate for a domain and all its subdomains (even if they are not created. By default - disabled)
  • - DNS validation - check DNS when creating a certificate
  • - Username - the user on whose behalf the certificate is created
  • - Domain - domain in ISPmanager for which the certificate is created
  • - SSL-certificate name - the name of the certificate (it will be displayed with it in "Web-server settings - SSL certificates")
  • -Domain name - domain names for which the certificate is created (domain name and subdomains; in the case of creating a Wildcard certificate, this option does not work as there is no need in this option)
  • - Key length - the length of the SSL key, you can leave it by default