Installing ISPmanager 5 on CentOS

To install ISPmanager 5 software on CentOS you need:

1) Log in to the server via SSH and update all system components with the following command:

yum update

2) If you have a clean system and no wget program, then install it:

yum install wget

3) After the update, download the installation script:


4) Start the installation with the command:

sh ISPmanager

4.1) During the installation process, you will need to select a hostname (you can specify the IP of your server):

4.2) Select product version (if you need to install the most common ISPmanager, select version - s):

4.3) Select the product itself (1 -ISPmanager Lite with recommended software):

5) After installation, an inscription appears that you can enter. Go to this address:

https://(IP of your server): 1500/ ispmgr
Login: root Password: (password from your server)
6) That's it, ISPmanager 5 is installed: