1. Check Java

Connecting to IDRAC KVM

Check Java

Before connecting, you need to make sure that Java software is installed on the PC, for more information about the installation, see here

First, you must enter the IDRAC address into the address bar of your browser. Since IDRAC uses SelfSigned certificates, the browser will display a warning that the connection is not reliable. You must ignore this notification and go to the page.

After entering the username and password, go to the "Virtual Console" tab and click on the message "Launch virtual console".

  • If the browser displays a warning that the file may be malicious, you should ignore the message and run this file
  • After starting the file, notifications will follow, asking for confirmation of the console launch.

  • After all confirmations, a console window will open, allowing you to manage the remote server
  • In some cases, there may be an issue with Java security settings shown in the screenshot.

  • In such cases, add the KVM address to the list of trusted resources. How to do this is described in this article.

If an error appears when connecting to the console, then you need to change the Java file as described in the article linked above.