Checking the WinMTR Channel

This utility is analogous to traceroute, that displays the result of execution in graphical form.

You can download the current version by following the link.

  • After downloading the archive, unpack it into a directory convenient for you and run the WinMTR.exe file, which is located in the x32 or x64 folder (depending on the
    bitness of your system).

After starting the program, a window will appear. In the field (1), enter the address of the server to which the connection will be checked. After that, click the Start button (2) to start tracing.

As you can see in the first screenshot, some hosts are displayed as IP addresses, others by name. To display only the addresses of all nodes, go to the options (the Options button (3)) and remove checkbox from the Resolve names item.

To stop tracing, press the Stop button (aka Start).

There are 4 buttons to transfer the result

- Copy Text to clipboard - copies the tracing information to the clipboard. Further, this information can be inserted into any text 

- Copy HTML to clipboard - similar to the previous one, but saves information as HTML code.

- Export TEXT - saves the scan to a text file.

- Export HTML saves the result of validation to HTML