New Offer! Get a 20% discount off dedicated server plan's monthly fee

New Offer! Get a 20% discount off dedicated server plan's monthly fee

New Offer! Get a 20% discount off dedicated server plan's monthly fee

Urgent Announcement: Exclusive 20% Discount on Dedicated Servers!

Act now to take advantage of our exclusive offer—a 20% discount on the monthly fee for selected dedicated server plans. This limited-time deal is designed to enhance your hosting experience while saving you money.

The following servers qualify for this special discount: DC4R Intel E 2288G, DC4R E3-1245v5 SG, DC4R E3-1245v5 AU, DC4RAR E3-1230v6 SG, DC4RAR E3-1230v6 AU, DC4R D-1521, DC4A E-2136 SG, DC4A E-2136, DC4A D-5900X MUM, DC4A D-5900X.

Act Now!

Secure your discounted server today by clicking the links below:

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  • Limited time Opportunity: The offer is valid for all new orders, excluding renewals made between 24 August 2023 and 6 September 2023. This is a limited-time opportunity, so act quickly to secure your desired server at a discounted rate. Please ensure your order falls within this time frame to take advantage of the new offer.
  • Duration: The offer remains valid until the service is canceled. You can continue to enjoy the offer's benefits for as long as you keep the server. Please note that the offer will no longer apply once the server is canceled.

Additional information about discounted servers: 

  • DC4R Intel E 2288G server This server combines the power of Intel advanced processing technology with exceptional reliability. This server is a perfect choice for businesses that require high-performance computing and robust virtualization capabilities.
  • DC4R E3-1245v5 SG and DC4R E3-1245v5 AU servers These servers are ideal option for those seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising performance. These servers offer excellent processing power and storage capacity, making them suitable for various applications.
  • DC4RAR E3-1230v6 SG and DC4RAR E3-1230v6 AU servers These servers are perfect if you require even more processing power. These servers are equipped with advanced features and enhanced security to meet the demands of modern businesses.
  • DC4R D-1521 server The DC4R D-1521 server is the ultimate choice for organizations that require a balance between performance, scalability, and energy efficiency. With its advanced processor and flexible storage options, this server can easily handle demanding workloads.
  • DC4A E-2136 SG and DC4A E-2136 servers These servers are an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient server solution. These servers offer a powerful combination of performance and value, making them ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • DC4A D-5900X MUM and DC4A D-5900X servers If you seek the ultimate performance and processing power, our DC4A D-5900X MUM and DC4A D-5900X servers are the perfect options. Powered by AMD Ryzen processors, these servers can handle even the most demanding workloads, making them suitable for high-performance computing.

Take advantage of a 20% discount on dedicated server plans and elevate your online presence. Upgrade your server capabilities today and experience improved performance and reliability. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your hosting solution with significant savings. Act quickly—this offer won't last long!

If you need more detailed information about our server offerings, don't hesitate to contact our sales team or visit our website. Our staff is always ready to provide the necessary support.


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