Happy Victory Day on May 9

Happy Victory Day on May 9

Happy Victory Day on May 9

May 9 is a day of immense celebration and pride as we commemorate the Great Victory over Nazi Germany. Many years ago, the Red Banner was triumphantly hoisted over the Berlin Reichstag, marking the end of the most devastating war in world history. This day, rich in historical significance, is honoured every year. Red carnations are laid endlessly at memorials, paying homage to the brave soldiers who fought valiantly.

As time marches on, the number of those who defended our country and liberated territories from Nazi invaders grows smaller. The surviving veterans are now in their later years, but their spirit remains strong and unbending. The "Immortal Regiment" campaign ensures that the soldiers of World War II who have left us are invisibly present in the ranks, their legacy enduring through time.

On this momentous occasion, our company extends heartfelt congratulations to all. Today, we call upon everyone to pay tribute to the heroes who gave humanity the Great Victory. May the sky above our heads, secured at the cost of millions of lives, remain peaceful and clear for hundreds and thousands of years to come!

Let's keep the memory of the Great Victory alive, passing it from generation to generation. Celebrate with us this significant date, and honour the spirit of those who fought for our freedom.

With utmost respect and celebration our company celebrates you.

And of course the Campaign on the occasion of the holiday! Discount of 9% on the first month when ordering a dedicated server.

The action is valid until May 12.

The number of servers participating in the action is limited.

After ordering you need to create a ticket to change the account.


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