Windows 2016 standard is added

Windows 2016 standard is added

Windows 2016 standard is added

A full-featured server OS, Windows 2016, is now accessible for all dedicated server tariff plans in our DC1 data center (based in the UK). This operating system offers a comprehensive range of features and capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and functionality for all our servers in England. 

Whether you require a dedicated server for your business or personal use, Windows 2016 provides a reliable and robust platform to meet your requirements.

The key features of this OS include:

  • Advanced virtualization tools
  • High Performance
  • Flexibility of cloud service deployment
  • A modern style of working with data and business applications

The developers paid particular attention to scalability, business process automation, and information security.

More about Windows 2016

Windows 2016 is a robust and reliable operating system specifically designed for server environments. It offers enhanced security features, improved performance, and increased scalability to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. With Windows 2016, our customers can experience a stable and efficient server environment, ensuring their critical applications and data are well-protected and highly available.

As we look at the features of Windows Server 2016, the first thing we notice is the new Nano Server deployment option, which allows you to install the system with just a few components. A Microsoft Cloud Platform infrastructure can use this installation mode to support cloud services and applications running in a virtual environment, containers, or on physical servers

In addition, Hyper-V compute clusters can be deployed and Scale-Out File Servers can be built using this solution. Nano Server's compactness and efficient use of computing resources allow it to host higher density of OS instances on a single physical host. This reduces overhead costs for IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Windows 2016

By integrating Windows 2016 into our dedicated server tariff plans, we are providing our customers with a powerful and flexible solution to support their business operations. Whether it's hosting websites, running applications, or managing databases, Windows 2016 offers the necessary tools and resources to efficiently handle these tasks.

Additionally, Windows 2016 is also available for virtual servers. With this option, you can leverage the power and flexibility of a virtual environment while still utilizing the advanced features and security of Windows 2016.