Plesk is now available for all our rates

Plesk is now available for all our rates

Plesk is now available for all our rates

Good News!

We have added Plesk panels to all our dedicated servers  and VPS servers tariff plans! This upgrade will greatly improve user experience and give our clients more control and flexibility over their hosting environment. With the integration of Plesk panels, managing and configuring dedicated servers and VPS servers has become easier than ever before.

About Plesk 

Plesk is a powerful platform that offers a wide range of useful tools for managing your servers. With Plesk, you can take advantage of various extensions and features designed to enhance the functionality of your website.

One of the key features of Plesk is its support for popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. By utilizing the WordPress extension, you can easily manage your WordPress websites, install plugins, and update themes with just a few clicks. Similarly, the Joomla extension provides a user-friendly interface for managing your Joomla sites, making it easier to create, edit, and publish content.

1. Plesk Web Admin

Plesk Web Admin offers a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed for WordPress. These tools enable users to quickly optimize and manage their WordPress websites, enhancing their performance and user experience.

You can connect up to 10 domains with this tariff plan and use WordPress tools.

The cost of this tariff plan is 8.00 € / month.

2. Plesk Web Pro

Plesk Web Pro is a cost-effective web hosting solution offering various features and tools to help you manage your online presence. With Plesk Web Pro, you can host multiple domains, use tools specifically designed for WordPress, manage subscriptions with ease, and manage accounts comprehensively.

With this tariff plan you will get:

  • 30 domains
  • Set of tools WordPress
  • Manage your subscription
  • Account Management

The cost of tariff plan is 13.00 € / month.

3. Plesk Web Host

Plesk Web Host plan offers a comprehensive package with unlimited domains, a WordPress toolset, subscription and account management, and reseller management at an affordable monthly cost of 39.00 €. With this plan, you have the flexibility and resources to build and manage your website easily, unlocking endless possibilities for your online presence.

This plan gives you almost unlimited possibilities:

  • Unlimited domains
  • WordPress toolset
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Account Management
  • Reseller management

This tariff plan costs 39.00 €/month.

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