Past week news 26 march 2021

Past week news 26 march 2021

Past week news 26 march 2021

Technology is developing rapidly. There was a time when 1 GB of RAM was considered something huge and unattainable. And now 1 TB is not so much for a good Internet platform. Hardly anyone today will decide to place an online store on the characteristics of their first computer. Our data center from Europe, and more specifically in the Netherlands, has acquired a new Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX4770 M4 platform. Based on it, we have made two tariffs of modern root servers for you and your business: 

DC3 4x Gold 5120 RX4770 M4

The tariff is equipped with one of the most powerful processors at the moment. This is 4x Intel Xeon Gold 5120. 56 cores and 112 threads will be at your disposal. The maximum RAM available on this tariff is 3072GB REG ECC DDR4. Two NVMe solid-state drives for 2-TV data centers are also available. This information storage allows you to solve a variety of tasks. Look at the tariff, choose the characteristics for yourself and your business:

DC3 4x Platinum 8160 RX4770 M4

The latest tariff on this platform is designed for the most ambitious projects. This server is suitable for everything you can imagine! It has a 4x Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 processor. This means that there are a mind-boggling 96 cores and 192 threads. It's just that my head is spinning from such numbers. The frequency with all this is 3.7 GHz. RAM and solid-state media are the same as in the previous tariff.

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