Past week news 13 november 2020

Past week news 13 november 2020

Past week news 13 november 2020

Automated backup is available on VPS

It is quite clear that backup is critically important for hosting accounts. If your business is based on data and information, creating a backup copy of your server is not only good idea but critically important to protect against primary data loss or corruption.

For our VPS client we provide even more – automated backup function.

It is convenient and reliable!

  • Search on orders is added into ticket creation.

You can view your order status in the section Tickets. You have to enter into search box the number of your order while tab Tickets stays open You will be provided with full and detailed information about your order.

  • 7.68TB Enterprise SSD – move forward with massive amounts of power!

7.68TB Enterprise SSD is built with Micron’s innovative 96-layer 3D TLC NAND technology. It combines the latest NAND technologies and a proven architecture to provide the best performance. It is highly-reliable and high-capacity SSD which provide maximum performance for minimal cost and deliver incredibly high read and write performance. The unbelievable capacity is 7.68 TB. It allows keeping data safe and secure in one storage facility.