October 2020 news

October 2020 news

October 2020 news

In October lots of events had happened in our company. We launched several new tariff plans and also brought back an old one which was favorite of our clients. Now more details about all these events.

  • Optimal price for high-volume data!

Do you need affordable and speedy server for high-volume database storage?

Tariff DC3 presents an opportunity to place order for 16TB HDD SATA disk! The data center is located in the Netherlands. Direct peering with traffic exchange point NLIX provides customers with increased speed, capacity and low latency (ping). Now clients get more storage for massive amounts of data. Have a look.

  • 3,000 GB (3 TB) RAM in the Netherlands servers!

Does your internet resource need more memory? Our server in the Netherlands which is located in the Greenhouse data center can help you. We offer you 3TB RAM server. And, what is more important, 3TB RAM is available for servers with processors up to 80 cores! Have a look.

3) DC3 2x Gold 6130 RX2530 tariff is bringing back!

It is a good news for our clients. We took into consideration a huge number of your requests and decided to bring back DC3 2x Gold 6130 RX2530 tariff. It is distinguished by good RAM capacity – up to 1536GB DDR4. But what is really impressive and exclusive like icing on the cake is the powerful 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6130 processor. You will have 32 cores with 64 threads! With this unbelievable powerful processor, you can handle just about any workload. Change tariff.

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