October 2019 News

October 2019 News

October 2019 News

Dear friends!

We are excited to share some news with you. Here are some of them.

To enhance client account functionality, an additional column called "Comments" has been added to the "Order" section.

  • We have introduced an additional feature called "Comments" in the "Order" section. With the "Comments" feature, you can now easily comment on your orders. This means that you can provide specific instructions, feedback, or any other relevant information regarding your order. These comments will be visible in the list of orders, making it convenient for you to keep track of all the relevant communication related to each order.

How to add comments in the "Order" section of your client account.

1. To add a comment to an order, navigate to the "Order" section in your client account.

2. Locate the desired order and click on it to access detailed order information.

3. In the designated "Comments" field, you can enter your comments or instructions.

Easily enable or disable servers belonging to the DC3 server range in the Netherlands.

  • For orders placed in our data center DC3 in the Netherlands, the "Order Management Section" of the client account allows you to easily administer your server. You can now manage and control your server independently, without relying on technical support. With this enhanced feature, you can turn on/off the server yourself. This allows for increased flexibility and convenience in managing your server/servers (you can temporarily block the server and then restart it).

How to enable/disable your server

1. To access these options, navigate to the "Order Management Section" of your client account.

2. Here, you will find a user-friendly interface that allows you to toggle the server on or off with just a few clicks. Disable your server by clicking on the "Disable" button.

3. If you need to restart the server, you can do so within the same section by clicking "Enable" button.

A new set of tariff plans, starting at 1 Gbit, and showing above-average performance have been added to the DC4I server lineup.

  • These new tariff plans are available in England, France, Germany, and Poland, so customers can choose from a variety of options. Tariff plans in DC4I data center server range boast above-average productivity levels. These new tariff plans are designed to meet the growing needs of businesses and individuals. With features such as high-speed Internet connectivity, reliable data storage and advanced security measures, the DC4I server line provides customers with seamless access to data and applications, resulting in increased productivity and optimised operations.

New Server Line in the USA

We are happy to announce a significant expansion of our server line in the USA.

Our data centers in the United States are strategically located in five cities, spanning from the West Coast in Los Angeles to the East Coast in New York. These data centers provide reliable and efficient hosting solutions for businesses nationwide.

For ordering configurations, you have two options:

Pre-built configurations:

  • First, you can choose from the pre-built configurations available under the DC2F server line. Configurations can be obtained immediately and are ready for use.

Customized server configurations:  

  • Alternatively, you can customize your configuration on the DC2 server line. In this way, you can tailor the specifications of the data center to meet your specific needs. After submitting your order, our dedicated team will work diligently to ensure your personalized configuration is ready within 48 hours.