News for last week 11.06.21

News for last week 11.06.21

News for last week 11.06.21

We have updated the INTROSERV website!

Only a little time has passed since our last update, and we are thrilled to bring you more exciting news. This time, we have not only revamped our rates but made significant improvements to our website. Our main goal has long been to make  INTROSERV website more user-friendly and to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for our customers to select new features and manage existing servers. Our developers have successfully tackled this task and significantly improved server filtering process. Specifically, they have introduced several key features, like the following:

  • Enhanced Filtering Options: As a result of this improvement, we now offer our customers the option of selecting game servers;
  • Advanced Sorting Mechanism: As a result of this improvement, our users are able to sort the available servers based not only on the country but also by city;
  • Customizable Filters: This feature enables users to define their filter criteria, tailoring the search results to their specific needs, like filtering by GPU servers. Customers can now select the server based on their preferences and needs. This feature allows customers to customize their server choices to meet their specific requirements.

New rates in Singapore and Australia

Today, we are excited to share some great news from Singapore and Australia. Our range of dedicated servers includes inexpensive options perfect for small businesses or individuals on a budget. These servers offer reliable performance at a price that won't break the bank.

For those with more demanding requirements, we also offer heavy-duty dedicated servers built to handle even the most resource-intensive tasks. These servers have powerful processors, ample storage, and high-bandwidth connections to ensure optimal performance.

Dedicated server rates for every taste from Singapore and Australia!

INTROSERV - your server anywhere in the world!