News for last week 11.06.21

News for last week 11.06.21

News for last week 11.06.21

Not much time has passed, and we have good news for you again. This time the innovations have affected not only the rates, but also the site itself. But first things first.

We have updated the INTROSERV website!

We have made global changes! We have long been working to improve the usability of the INTROSERV website. Our challenge was to make it as easy and straightforward as possible to select new features and manage existing servers. So that our customers could intuitively use all the features of our site.

Developers have not only coped with this task, but also improved the filtering of available servers, namely appeared:

-The ability to select game servers;
- Filtering not only by country, but also by city;
- Filtering by GPU servers;
- Function of individual selection of the server for your needs.

New rates in Singapore and Australia

You know, of course, that our data centers are located all over the world. And we are constantly updating our server rates for your convenience. We introduce technical innovations, while trying to make them affordable.

Today we have good news from Singapore and Australia. Here we have new rates for dedicated servers, which can satisfy any customer. There are inexpensive ones that are affordable. And there is a heavy-duty, which can handle any task.

Dedicated server rates for every taste from Singapore and Australia!

INTROSERV - your server anywhere in the world!