New server plan VPS 16 Core Linux is now available

New server plan VPS 16 Core Linux is now available

New server plan VPS 16 Core Linux is now available

A new server plan VPS 16 Core Linux offers a powerful and reliable virtual private server solution. With 16 vCores of CPU power and 16 threads, this server can handle demanding workloads with ease. The 2.1GHz clock speed ensures fast processing times, while the 3GHz turbo boost option provides a burst of performance when needed.

The VPS 16 Core Linux comes equipped with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which provides ample memory for running multiple applications and databases simultaneously. The 320 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage ensures fast disk read and write speeds, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high performance.

The VPS 16 Core Linux comes with an unmetered 1 Gbps network port, providing unlimited bandwidth for data transfers. This allows clients to send and receive data without restrictions, making it ideal for high-traffic websites or applications that require high bandwidth.

The value of CloudStack platform

The server is based on the Cloudstack platform, which is a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud management platform. The Cloudstack platform provides a scalable and centralised solution for managing virtual infrastructure, allowing organisations to create and manage private and public clouds.

One of the key features of the Cloudstack platform is its support for multiple hypervisors, allowing organisations to choose their preferred hypervisor technology. This flexibility enables organisations to optimise their virtual infrastructure based on performance, compatibility, and cost considerations.

Another significant advantage of the Cloudstack platform is its ability to provision and manage multiple tenants on a single physical infrastructure. This multi-tenancy model allows organisations to partition their resources securely and allocate them to different client accounts or departments, providing isolation and separation among tenants.

320 SSD disk

The server is equipped with a 320 SSD disk and has a virtual console.

The solid-state drive (SSD) is a storage device that uses integrated circuits to store data. It offers several advantages over traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), including faster data transfer speeds, reduced power consumption, and improved durability.

When combined with a virtual console - a web-based interface that allows users to access and manage their server remotely - a 320 SSD disk and a virtual console provides a high-performance and user-friendly solution for managing the server.

The SSD disk ensures that the server can efficiently store and retrieve data, while the virtual console provides a graphical interface for easy navigation and system management.

Overall, the server's combination of 320 SSD disk and a virtual console offers a robust and flexible storage solution for organisations looking to enhance their server performance and manage their systems efficiently.

Best Locations

The VPS 16 Core Linux is available in two convenient locations - the Netherlands (Naaldwijk) and Germany. These locations ensure low latency and optimised network connectivity, allowing clients to access their servers quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world.

Overall, the new server plan VPS 16 Core Linux is a powerful and well-equipped virtual private server solution that meets the demands of modern applications. With its high-end specifications, flexible resource allocation, and available locations in Netherlands and Germany, it is the ideal choice for businesses that require high-performance hosting solutions.