New Line of Server Plans DC4HG. Part 3

New Line of Server Plans DC4HG. Part 3

New Line of Server Plans DC4HG. Part 3

Today, we will discuss the final two tariff plans of the DC4HG line, which specifically apply to data centers in France, UK, Germany and Canada. These tariff plans have been carefully crafted to cater to your business's needs. Now let's delve into the details of the two tariff plans we are so excited to introduce.

1. DC4HG 2x Xeon 4214R

The DC4HG server is equippted with two powerful 2x Intel Xeon 4214R processors, providing 12 cores and 24 threads. With this level of processing power, you can easily handle even the most demanding tasks. Whether running complex simulations, analyzing large datasets, or managing virtual environments, these processors deliver exceptional performance.

The DC4HG server is also equipped with a massive 768GB ECC DDR4 RAM. This high-capacity memory ensures you have enough resources to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. It allows for smooth multitasking and efficient data processing, enabling you to complete your business operations quickly.

Storage is not a concern with the DC4HG server line. It features two groups of hard drives, providing 2x 480GB SSDs and 36x 14TB SAS drives. This adds up to 504 terabytes of storage capacity, allowing you to store and access vast information. Whether it's large media files, databases, or backups, you'll have ample space to keep all your important data.

2. DC4HG 2xEpyc 7532

DC4HG 2xEpyc 7532 tariff plan also stands out among the other available options, offering a complete solution for your computing needs. The maximum clock speed with Turbo Boost technology is 3.3 GHz. The processors included in this tariff plan are AMD 2x Epyc 7532, which delivers exceptional performance. Each processor is equipped with 32 cores and 64 threads, enabling efficient multitasking and parallel processing.

In addition to the impressive processing power, the DC4HG 2xEpyc 7532 tariff plan includes 2TB of ECC DDR4 RAM. This amount of RAM is perfect for handling the demanding requirements of these processors, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

In terms of storage, this tariff plan provides two groups of SSDs. The first group consists of 2x 480GB SSDs, offering fast and reliable storage for your frequently accessed files and applications. The second group comprises 24x 3.84TB NVMe SSDs, providing a massive combined storage capacity of 92 terabytes. With this ample storage space, you can access large amounts of data without sacrificing performance or speed.


At INTROSERV, we understand that the needs and requirements of businesses are constantly evolving. That's why we continuously develop and add new tariff lines with different features to ensure our customers can access the most tailored and effective solutions for their business needs. To stay up-to-date with our latest news and updates we encourage you to follow our news and promotions.

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