DC4SC rates were added. Part 2

DC4SC rates were added. Part 2

DC4SC rates were added. Part 2

We continue to introduce you to the DC4SC line of tariffs. As a reminder, these rates are based on the Supermicro platform. You can choose data centers located in Germany, France, England or Canada. Today is the next trio of rates from this line. Make yourselves comfortable, we have a lot of fresh information for you.

1) DC4SC 2x Gold 6242R

A great 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6242R processor. One such processor has 20 cores and 40 threads. This is a fresh product released by Intel in 2020, capable of handling ultra-powerful modern tasks. This processor can be overclocked with 1.5TB ECC DDR4 RAM. For such stuffing the server needs a decent storage of information. And it has two groups of solid-state drives. The first - a 2x 480GB SSD for fast work with information. And the second group - 6x 3.84TB NVMe, already familiar to us information storage for 24 terabytes.

2) DC4SC 2x Gold 6226R

Processor on this tariff 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6226R gives excellent opportunities for creating a powerful server. The 768GB ECC DDR4 RAM will solve complex tasks. There are also no problems with storing large amounts of information. As in the last rate, the storage bank is 6x 3.84TB NVMe. Again, that's 24 terabytes. On top of that comes another 2x 480GB SSD. That's a very nice addition to all the other specs.

3) DC4SC 2x Gold 6248R

In terms of characteristics, this tariff is the leader of today's three. Does your business need capacity? Then this is the place for you.

A 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6248R processor. One such processor carries 24 cores and 48 threads. 1.5TB ECC DDR4 RAM can handle graphics, gaming and any other tasks. For information storage is our usual solid state drives: 2x 480GB SSD and 6x 3.84TB NVMe.
In all tariffs you can customize the characteristics to suit you and your business. Hard disks, operational slabs, etc. are interchangeable.

Introducing INTROSERV - a server for any taste!