DC4SC rates were added. Part 1

DC4SC rates were added. Part 1

DC4SC rates were added. Part 1

Good day! As always, INTROSERV has news. Our developers have introduced a new line of tariffs DC4SC, which applies to data centers around the world: Germany, England, France and Canada! All rates are based on the Supermicro platform. Let's take a closer look at what tariffs appeared in these data centers:

1. DC4SC Epyc 7402

AMD EPYC 7402P processor will provide you with good performance. This rate can be overclocked with 1TB ECC DDR4 RAM. 1 terabyte will allow you to quickly solve voluminous tasks. Do you have a large amount of information and need somewhere to store it? That's what 6x 3.84TB NVMe storage will solve: 6 3.84 terabytes of solid state storage. For a second, that's 24 terabytes.

2. DC4SC Epyc 7642 tariff

Tariff on AMD Epyc 7642 processor. It has 48 cores and 96 threads. The 1TB ECC DDR4 RAM will allow you to perform large-scale tasks for your business. And as in the last tariff, here is the same amount of storage: 2x 480GB SSD and 6x 3.84TB NVMe.

3. DC4SC Epyc 7532

AMD Epyc 7532 processor with 32 cores and 64 threads. It delivers unparalleled performance. Its scalability is suitable for the most demanding workloads. 1TB ECC DDR4 memory allows this processor to be fully exposed. Information is stored using 6x 3.84TB NVMe.

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