The new line of tariffs DC4HG. Part 3

The new line of tariffs DC4HG. Part 3

The new line of tariffs DC4HG. Part 3

Today we will talk about the last two tariffs of the DC4HG line. It applies to data centers in France, UK, Germany and Canada. We are announcing 2 tariffs that have been created for your business. INRTOSERV is constantly adding new tariff lines with different features. Follow our news on the blog. So, let's move on to the announcement.

1.DC4HG 2x Xeon 4214R

Two excellent 2x Intel Xeon 4214R processors, each with 12 cores and 24 threads. The 768GB ECC DDR4 RAM will allow you to solve various tasks of your business at lightning speed. Two groups of hard drives: 2x 480GB SSD and 36x 14TB SAS - that's 504 terabytes of storage for your information.

2.DC4HG 2xEpyc 7532

And the most powerful tariff among 8 represented ones completes the whole line.

Processors of this tariff are AMD 2x Epyc 7532. There are 32 cores and 64 threads in one such processor. The maximum clock speed with Turbo Boost technology is 3.3 GHz. 2TB ECC DDR4 RAM for this rate monster. 2 terabytes is just right for these processors. And two groups of SSDs: 2x 480GB SSD and 24x 3.84TB NVMe (92 terabytes at your disposal). A great basis for storing large amounts of data.

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