The new line of tariffs DC4HG

The new line of tariffs DC4HG

The new line of tariffs DC4HG

The INTROSERV news furnace is heating up again. Terabytes of RAM and dozens of processor cores are melting in it today. From under the developers' hammer, a new line of DC4HG tariffs was born. It is made on the Supermicro platform. Eight new tariffs are created for you and your business. Our goal was to add powerful tariffs, but at the same time with a democratic price. All 8 tariffs are worthy of your attention, so we've broken down the information about them into three parts. Meet the first three:

1.DC4HG Epyc 7302

The tariff runs on AMD 2x EPYC 7302 processors. One such processor has 16 cores and 32 threads. RAM is 2TB ECC DDR4. 2 terabytes of RAM - that's just space power. And, of course, solid state storage. At maximum settings, you can do two groups: the first 2x 480GB SSD, and the second 12x 3.84TB NVMe - and that's 48 terabytes.

2.DC4HG Epyc 7402

Let's start, as usual, with the processor. AMD EPYC 7402P has 24 cores and 48 threads. 1024GB ECC DDR4 RAM will allow to solve tasks of any complexity. Information storage is 2x 480GB SSD and 12x 3.84TB NVMe.

3.DC4HG 2xEpyc 7402

And the most powerful fare of today's trio with 2x AMD EPYC 7402 processors. One such processor contains 24 cores and 48 threads, let's emphasize that there are two of them! 2TB ECC DDR4 RAM: 2 terabytes can solve, very quickly, even super complex tasks. Solid state media. In the classic style, there are the two hard drive groups you are already used to: 2x 480GB SSD and 12x 3.84TB NVMe - 48 terabytes.

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